It has been 2,000 years since Jesus’ birth, yet so many Buddhists still have not heard the Gospel.


The Challenge

After over 200 years of mission efforts in the Buddhist world, less than one percent know and follow Jesus. Buddhists oftentimes simply don’t understand the message and how it relates to them. Missionaries have communicated with Western methods, theology, and culture, leaving Buddhists to understand that Jesus is the God of a Western religion. Change is possible. We have clearly seen transformation within Buddhist communities that overcome major obstacles keeping Buddhists apart from Jesus.

Our Vision

A world in which Buddhists following Jesus is prevalent

Our Mission – What We Do

We explore and overcome hindrances by studying what works and what doesn’t in reaching the Buddhist population. We ask daring questions and search unafraid for answers that go beyond the idea that Buddhists are resistant to the Gospel.

We foster learning communities by bringing together like-minded practitioners spreading the good news. We bring people together, with their ideas and experiences, to discover how God works in drawing people to Jesus and how he touches the lives of Buddhists with his transformative power.

We promote theoretical and practical frameworks through training and coaching. We train practitioners in cutting-edge approaches to leading Buddhists to embrace Jesus, and we provide ongoing coaching to support their progress.

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About Deborah and Jens Bernhard

Jens and Deborah worked in Buddhist communities in Southeast Asia for a decade. During this time, they experienced many of the common hurdles to seeing people embrace Jesus. This led them to ask questions and explore beyond the usual answers most would find in seeking guidance for reaching Buddhists. Digging deeper, they discovered an entirely different way to approach Buddhists with the good news—it begins with a change in us. Jens and Deborah lead The Middle Path Initiative, are currently writing their first book, and lead the Rethinking Forum for the Buddhist world. Deborah is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and coaches practitioners toward greater advancement in their life and work. You may learn more by contacting them using this form. Jens and Deborah reside in Germany with their son and fluffy white cat.